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Angku Kuih


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Creativity in tradition.


We founded floccusfloccus with one goal in mind : providing artisanal kuih , pastry , gifts and more! Our passion for creativity has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. 

You can definitely taste the authentic flavor from our goods.

Perfect for every gifting , celebration & festive seasons. 


Welcome to Floccusfloccus, where our passion for creating artisanal kuih and pastries is baked into every delightful bite. Established in 2021, we pour our love into crafting these traditional and unique treats, making them not just delicious but truly special. Explore our world of flavours, and let our kuih and pastries be the perfect gift for any occasion.

China Press 中国报

HoChak! 好吃

The Edge

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